Leigh Ann Orsi,

Certified Life Coach

My personal journey of transformation has been a wild ride, and I want to share the practices I’ve used to unlock my full potential and create a life filled with excellence, peace, and pleasure.

I have been fortunate enough to experience major successes in my life. An acting career with starring roles in films, the privilege to perform alongside stars like Brad Pitt in major motion pictures, recurring appearances on the #1 sitcom in America and over 100 commercials before I was 14 years old. In my 20s, I became a successful entrepreneur opening a dance studio in Hollywood California, that helped to develop a new form of fitness and performance art. I traveled to 30+ countries teaching women to be strong and to embrace and express their sensuality. I created and produced a unique stage show concept that featured 100 performers a night and performed to sold-out audiences in Hollywood and Las Vegas for 10 years. I was married to a handsome and popular man in a beautiful ceremony in front of friends and family on the beach in Mexico. It looked on the outside like everything was perfect for me and that I had everything under control.

Then after years of struggle to make it look good on the outside but suffering silently,  the story exploded.  No one knew the secrets I was keeping and how unmanageable my relationships, businesses, and life had become.  I chose to leave my marriage and walked away from the community and life I had known.  I was alone at 35, I had no children or assets, I was starting over deep in debt, and way behind where I thought I would be in life. I wanted to thrive instead of survive each day and I had to start making my life whole from the inside out.  

I started to focus on what was important for long-term satisfaction. I made decisions that brought me peace and gave me security I had that tomorrow had a chance to be better than today. To achieve that, I started digging into all the practices that could improve one’s life and I started doing everything I could find to turn things around.  

I made my bed every day, developed a meditation practice, experimented with fasting, started lifting weights, participated in plant medicine ceremonies, journaled, listened to podcasts, and read books on areas I wanted to grow.  I left behind ideas that were limiting me and began reaching for excellence in every area. I disentangled myself from the people who were not growing or living the way that I aspired to live. I spent a lot of quiet time with myself, staying home alone, and traveling the world. I learned to manage my space, my schedule and my personal presentation. I faced my financial issues head-on, eventually paying off $100,000 of debt and 10 years of back taxes. I got in the best shape of my life, moved to a new city, and made a new group of friends that I admired and could raise me. I learned to prioritize my emotional and physical well-being over the people-pleasing practices that left nothing for me.  I found a method to focus on and create the things I want in my life on the inside and the outside.

Through this journey, I developed the values that guide my life and my coaching practice today:

  • I believe in constant evolution and prioritizing learning and growth. 
  • I expect myself and my clients to show up with 100% effort, to step boldly into their potential and to believe we can hit the stars. 
  • I believe that our bodies are supremely important.  They are our vehicles, protection, and first impression.  They carry precious cargo: our reputations, and our souls.  We must take excellent care of them.
  • I embrace emotionality and connectedness.
  • I believe in the power of rest, indulgence, and pleasure. 
  • I give myself and everyone permission to be imperfect.

If you’re ready to transform your life and achieve excellence, peace, and pleasure, I’m here to guide anyone who is willing. I believe that you can create a life you love.

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