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Have a struggle you are facing, a problem you just can’t solve, or need clarity and guidance for an issue you cant seem to resolve?  Leigh Ann will cut to the heart of the issue and give you real-life actions, insight, clarity and support to help you turn it around. All coaching is anonymous and nothing will be broadcast without your permission.

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Modern life is complex.

We feel overwhelmed, like we are operating below our potential, with too little time in the day.

The solution is energy management.

We provide education and technology to help you manage your energy and realize your dreams.

✨ Gather all the beautiful & troublesome pieces of you and calibrate them to work together.

✨ Remove the patterns that create friction and disrupt your energetic resources.

✨ Create and maintain a plan of actions that move you in the direction of your dreams.

It only takes 2 days to unkink the hose of your energy, tap into your passions, and design a path to freedom, love, and success.

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Leigh Ann is a powerhouse coach. Her powerful questions help me move past my stories and limiting beliefs to new levels of growth and awareness. Every session provides an 'aha' moment and is a catapult to my best self.
Kristin Wald, ACC, CLC
Certified Life, Career & Relationship Coach

Hi, I'm Leigh Ann

I am passionate about everyone living with boundless love, energy, and success. I believe it is possible for you to push past your limits and live your dreams. I encourage you to take action to unkink your blocks and make your dream life a reality.

I have spent the last 20 years encouraging people to reach new heights. Now, I offer you my proprietary method to overhaul your entire life in one weekend and supportive private coaching to make sure you achieve your dreams.

My Values & Guiding Principles

I show up with 100% effort and step boldly into my potential.

aim for the stars and succeed with ease.

I strive for constant evolution, learning, and growth.

I advocate for and invest in detoxifying and moving our bodies.

I encourage honesty, emotionality, and connectedness.

I believe in the power of rest, indulgence, and pleasure.

I give myself and everyone permission to be imperfect.

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At only six weeks into our 6-month program, I had already achieved the goals that we had set because the coaching was so effective. That left the remaining weeks for a journey of even deeper personal discovery and transformation. Leigh Ann balances being compassionate with being direct. She gives you space to make discoveries on your own while guiding you through your personal blind spots.
Amy Guion


Reading books is the most cost-effective way to gain knowledge from experts in any field. I have used reading to transform my life and you can too. Choose anything off this list of books I recommend. There is a broad range of subjects and I just know something will inspire you and can start your path to personal transformation.

Here are 5 quick and easy tips that I recommend to change the energy in your life. I recently went through a huge transformation and I used all of these recommendations along the way.  Click below to follow my journey and download your personal PDF.

The journey of personal and professional growth is a demanding one, requiring clear vision, adept guidance, and unwavering support, all of which Leigh Ann provides in abundance. Her leadership reflects her expertise and skills as an entrepreneur and coach as well as the guidance of a mentor who leads by example. It is an investment I highly recommend.
Marco Massi
Private Equity Investor